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The Health Star rating system aims to help consumers make healthier choices by clearly labelling packaged food according to nutritional profile.  Stars are calculated using:

  • Energy (kilojoules)
  • Risk nutrients – saturated fat, sodium (salt) and sugars
  • Positive nutrients – dietary fibre, protein and the proportion of fruit, vegetable, nut and legume content.

Ranging from the lowest rating of ½ a star to the highest rating of 5 stars, the more stars a product has, the healthier it is.

All of The Happy Snack Company products have given a 5 Star Health rating, so you know you’re making a healthy choice for you and your family.

All products in The Happy Snack Company range have a 5 Star health rating. The Health Star Rating is an Australian Government led front-of-pack labelling system that assigns products a rating from ½ a star to 5 stars. The more stars, the healthier the food choice.

Our Products Health Ratings

SKUStar RatingEnergy kjSatFat gTotSug gSodium mgFibre gProtein gFVNL %
CHICKPEAS Lightly Salted 6×25g★★★★★16801.54.225012.817.7>80
CHICKPEAS Lightly Salted 200g★★★★★16801.54.225012.817.7>80
CHICKPEAS Spicy Tomato & Chilli 200g★★★★★16601.54.225012.817.5>80
Fav-va’s Lightly Salted 200g★★★★★18901.82.92507.224.3>80
Kids Fav-va’s Pizza 10×15g★★★★★18701.83.12507.224>80
Kids Fav-va’s Lightly Salted 10×15g★★★★★18901.82.92507.224.3>80
Kids Fav-va’s BBQ 10×15g★★★★★18701.832507.224>80
Kids Fav-va’s Sea & Vinegar 10×155g★★★★★18701.83.22807.223.8>80
Fav-va’s Lightly Salted 6×25g★★★★★18901.82.92507.224.3>80
Fav-va’s Tomato, Onion & Basil 6×25g★★★★★18601.83.32507.223.8>80
Fav-va’s Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar 6×25g★★★★★18701.83.22807.223.8>80
Fav-va’s Red Pepper & Chilli 6×25g★★★★★18801.83.52507.224.1>80
Split Chics Lightly Salted 6×25g★★★★★19002.12.52507.919.2>80

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