What Are The Best Snacks For The Kids’ Lunchbox?

Kids are a curious bunch. They are open to new experiences and even the most carefree of parents can be overwhelmed at the pace their children throw themselves at the wonder of life. And yet, sometimes, when introduced to new food groups they can turn their little noses up and refuse to eat anything at all.

It’s a paradox, and an endless struggle for many parents.

Breakfast and dinner consumption is at least monitored at home, but once the kids go to school, parents have to trust that the food contained in the lunchbox, which as been carefully laboured over, will be eaten. A lunchbox contains one third of their daily nutrition and readies their minds for a long afternoon of learning, so it’s important that they have food that will sustain them.

A balanced lunchbox contains:

  1. high protein to keep brains active all afternoon
  2. natural carbohydrates found in fruit and vegetables – like carrot sticks, sweet potato or chopped apple
  3. wholegrains if they can tolerate wheat
  4. dairy – like a small tub of sugar free yogurt, if they can tolerate it
  5. no nuts. As many schools are moving to be nut free.

Finding new kid approved food ideas that are both tasty and nutritious is difficult. In fact 62% of Aussie mum’s say it’s difficult to find healthy snacks their kids will like, particularly when there is so much choice and so many mixed messages in the supermarket. Chic Peas and Fav-Va Beans from the Happy Snack Company could be  a good solution to the lunch box dilemma.

Why The Happy Snack Company Chic Pea and Fav-Va Beans?

  1. High protein content. Happy Snack Company Fav-Va Beans contain a whopping 27% of protein for sustained energy release. This helps kids stay alert throughout the day and able to handle a busy afternoon in the classroom.
  1. Bursting with feel good flavour – the Australian grown beans have been roasted and lightly seasoned in kid approved flavours like BBQ and Salt &Vinegar. They are all natural and blended from ingredients found in the kitchen pantry.
  2. School safe – The Happy Snack Company products are school safe and free from the top 8 food allergens including gluten, nut, egg or dairy. They are made from Australian grown Fav-Va Beans and Chic Peas and are GMO free.
  3. Have a five start health rating.
  4. The Happy Snack Company was recently awarded two Healthy Food Guide awards. They were recipients of the “Kid’s Lunchbox Snack Award” for their Pizza flavour and the “Allergy Friendly Snack Award” for their Red Pepper & Chilli flavour and recently featured on the Today Show.

Delicious, nutritious, and now award winning, Happy Snack Company Fav-Va Beans are the ideal lunchbox snack – for kids and adults alike.  Available from Coles and Woolworths across the country.