How healthy are chickpeas?

The humble little chickpea is from the legume family Fabaceae and is an all-natural food.

The chickpea has been consumed for many millennia… starting in the Middle East and  now  enjoyed consumed across the globe. Chickpeas are produced in over 50 countries, including Australia – who are surprisingly massive producers of chickpeas.

Adding chickpeas to your diet may be a simple and effective weight loss strategy. Packed full of protein, they make the body feel fuller for longer. Also, the wonderful blend of nutrients and minerals also keeps the body energised and active while preventing fatigue and snacking between-meals. The chickpea is so valued as a healthy option that the Australian Government has included legumes in the recommended eating plan for a balance diet.

The benefits in chickpeas

The list of nutrients and goodness in this healthy snack is almost endless.  Chickpeas are packed full of healthy components like iron, which is important for producing energy, optimal immune function and storing oxygen in muscles. Chickpeas also have high levels of magnesium, which helps energy production, oxidative phosphorylation and glycolysis in the human body. Chickpeas are also strong in vitamin B6 which help support adrenal function and help calm and maintain a healthy nervous system while vitamin K benefits the body when it comes to bone health, cognitive health as well as heart health. Additionally, chickpeas contain copper which helps the body form collagen and absorb iron, and plays a role in energy production.  Chickpeas also contain zinc which regulates the immune system, helps prevent diarrhea, helps maintain skin integrity and structure.

Protein is essential for a healthy body as it repairs and rebuilds our muscles as well as out skin, organs, hair and nails. Whereas fiber helps you feel fuller for longer and can help improve your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Chickpeas, being completely meat and animal product free, can be enjoyed by vegetarians and vegans, but are also a staple in the popular paleo diet.

An often unsung benefit is that chickpeas are easy to digest and reduce inflammatory markers. Other less popular chickpea benefits include improving your digestion, they may help lower your cholesterol.

The little chickpea packs a mighty health punch and are a perfect addition to your lunchbox, or perfect for the snack drawer in the office. Full of taste and free of guilt!

In The Happy Snack Company products, the chickpeas are made from whole chickpeas and they are not extruded, blended or altered in anyway. Chickpeas in the Happy Snacks product are grown, roasted and packed in Queensland. The chickpeas are slow roasted to perfection and tossed in a blend of tasty seasonings to make a super crunchy, delicious snack you can enjoy on the go.